Tree Felling - Don Valley Turf
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Tree Felling

Sometimes there is no option but to fell a tree and is sometimes necessary because of where it is sited or that the tree is dead or in a dangerous condition. Don Valley Turf & Landscape are fully experienced, if space permits, in directional felling. If the space is restricted then we can dismantle the tree in sections to accommodate the space. We consider all techniques before commencing the work to allow for the tree to be felled in a safe manner to avoid damage to property or persons

The removal of a dead or dangerous tree which is in the close proximity of buildings is a very specialized task. Don Valley Turf & Landscape offer a confident assurance that the tree will be taken down and dismantled in an orderly manner to again avoid damage to property or persons. We use all the modern lowering equipment and pulley systems approved by the health and safety laws for tree surgery.


We deliver all over the North of England & the Midlands, we can deliver up to 800sq mts per load or you can collect it yourself, and we offer Trade Discounts for large orders.